​Other Recycling Information

Waste Haulers and Curbside Recycling 

Curbside recycling is required in the City of Lebanon and can be arranged through your licensed waste hauler.  If needed, curbside recycling containers can be acquired free of charge from the City of Lebanon Highway Garage.  These containers are to be used solely for the purpose of holding recyclable materials.  Please do not place trash in them.

Below are licensed waste haulers:

    Waste Industries                       TNT Sanitation                
    P.O. Box 380                             319 S. College St.            
    Schaefferstown, PA 17088           Myerstown, PA 17067       
    717-949-2363                           717-866-2322  
    Waste Management Inc.              Weidle Sanitation Service
    4300 Industrial Park Road             202 N. 12th Street           
    Camp Hill, PA   17011                  Lebanon 17042                  
    717-394-8641                           717-272-7061                          
    800-869-5566                           www.weidlesanitation.com         

Leaf Pick-up
Each fall the City of Lebanon picks up leaves curbside from mid/late October to early December.  Exact dates will be published via public service announcements, City newsletters and the city website.  Residents are requested to abide by the following guidelines for leaf collection: 
  • Leaves shall be placed curbside one foot from curb line so as to not hinder stormwater run-off.
  • Vehicles should park at least 10 feet from leaf piles.  Leaves under vehicles will not be removed and could cause a fire hazard.
  • Do not mix branches, grass, ornamental grass, garbage, bricks or concrete block in with the leaves.
  • Do not bag leaves.
  • Only place leaves in the street just prior to your scheduled collection day.  Crews will do their best to adhere to the posted schedule, however, the volume of leaves, weather and equipment failure may cause a delay.  
  • Do not place leaves out after the end of the fall leaf pickup season.  Placement of leaves in the streets after the last scheduled pickup date results in unsightly streetscapes, and with the onset of winter and snowfall, create very difficult conditions.  Additionally, in mid-December focus is shifted to ready equipment for snow and ice removal operations. 
  • However, residents may continue to take leaves to the City's yard waste facility after the last leaf pickup.
  • Questions regarding leaf pick up should be directed to the Department of Public Works at 717-228-4490.



Yard Waste Pick-Up

In the spring and fall of each year, generally in April and in October, the City will collect yard waste curbside.  Exact dates will be published via public service announcements, City newsletters and our web site.
While we ask that residents have their yard waste placed curbside by the first day of collection, city crews will be working the entire week collecting yard waste.  Once an area is cleaned, no additional materials may be placed curbside for collection.
Yard waste materials must be placed in the street, 1 foot from the curb for collection. Vehicles must be parked at least 10 feet from the yard waste piles to allow room for city equipment to maneuver while cleaning up the yard waste. Branches longer than 6 feet in length cannot be accepted. Please do not block the storm sewers when placing items curbside for collection.
Do not place materials curbside until the weekend prior to collection. In case of rain, this will help prevent the chance of materials being washed into the catch basins and clogging the storm sewers. Do not place materials curbside after our crew has passed your street. Our crew will make one pass by each street.
Collection will include hedge trimmings, branches and garden residue. (Lawn grass, ornamental grass and non-organic materials will not be picked up.  Please do not place bricks, pavers and other similar items in the piles.  Crews cannot see those items under the piles and the items could damage city equipment.
City residents unable to participate in curbside collection may purchase an access card for the City of Lebanon Yard Waste Recycling Facility located at 893 N. 8th Street.   The initial fee for a yearly residential access card is $40.00.  The annual renewal fee is $35.00.  The annual fee for an access card for commercial use (including landscapers) is $500.00 (one card per account).  Card sharing is NOT permitted.    There is a $25.00 fee for replacement of misplaced or lost cards. 
For more information please call the Department of Public Works at 717-228-4490



Bulk Waste Drop-Off 

In the fall, generally around September of each year, the City may schedule a specific quadrant of the City for a Neighborhood Clean-Up Program.  This program affords citizens the opportunity to discard bulk items that may present a sanitation and/or fire hazard.
Residents are responsible to deposit acceptable materials in roll-off containers that will be placed within the City of Lebanon Yard Waste Drop off Center, located at 893 North 8th Street.
The facility normally will be open during the hours of  11AM and 6PM during the project.
  • Resident must provide proof that they live within the area designated for clean up purposes, i.e. driver’s license.
  • Residents are not to put items curbside before or after the designated dates of the clean up. Items placed curbside after the scheduled clean up or outside the designated clean up area will not be picked up and residents will receive a fine for illegal dumping.
  • Residents are only to put items curbside if they are unable to transport materials to drop off location.
    We only accept car tires, no oversized tires.
The following items will NOT be accepted:
  • Electronics – The GLRA has a free electronics drop off center. For more information call 717-867-5790.
  • Pesticides, Herbicides and Insecticides (Household Hazardous Waste – 1-800-449-7587).
  • Paint in liquid form (remove lids and dry out or mix with absorbent such as cat litter or sand).
  • Household garbage, food waste and clothing
  • Items generally placed out for disposal on a weekly basis
  • Recyclable items – Take all recyclable items to the City recycling center located in the vicinity of 14th and Lehman Streets.
  • Cardboard
  • Commercial tires
  • White goods (refer to Household Hazardous Waste below)


Florescent Light Bulbs
Florescent light bulbs are considered hazardous waste.  The GLRA accepts a maximum of ten bulbs.   Residents can purchase a kit for the disposal of florescent light bulbs at https://lamprecycling.veoliaes.com/store​


B.O.A.T. Recyclers
B =  Batteries   O =  Motor Oil   A = Antifreeze   T = Tires
The following is a list of local “B.O.A.T.” recyclers within and near the City of Lebanon.  On average there is a $2.00 per tire charge associated with tires.  Batteries and oil are generally taken free of charge.
Advanced Auto Parts  (B, O, A)
801 Bowman Street
Advanced Auto Parts (B & O)
1450 Cumberland Street
Auto Zone  (B & O)
2515 Cumberland Street
Auto Zone  (B & O)
101 N. 11th Avenue
Bambergers Inc.  (B, O, A, T)
122 Schneider​ Drive
Battery Warehouse  (B)
1307 Cumberland Street
Blouch's Mobile  (O)                      
1730 North Highway 72                
Campbell’s Service Center (B,A,T)  
157 N. 9th Street     
Curt's Auto Service  (B & O)
847 Cornwall Road
CSR - Brandywine  (B)
328 North 14th Street
Firestone Tire & Service  (B, O, A, T)
1143 Quentin Road
Fox's Transport  (T)
350 N. 18th Street
Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority  (T)
1610 Russell Road
H.A. Boyd  (B, O, A)
1250 Chestnut Street
Lasher's Garage  (B, O, T)
812 Horseshoe Pike
Lebanon Auto Clinic  (B, O, T)
421 E. Walton Street
Leffler’s Service (B,O,A,T)                           
640 N. 9th Street                        
Leiss' Garage  (B, O, A, T)
1834 Lehman Street
Market Square Service Station (B, A, T)    
31 N. 9th Street                                       
Monroe Muffler & Brake  (B, A, T)
1800 West Cumberland Street
Simon S. Kettering & Sons  (B & T)
1599 Cumberland Street
Shultz Refinishing  (O)                       
254 S. 12th St.                                         
Snyder's Service  (B, O, A, T)
909 N. 7th Street
Tim Wolfe's Automotive (B,O,A,T)
1358 Cumberland Street
Zimmerman's Automotive  (B, O, A, T)
564 Horseshoe Pike

Source Reduction Tips
  • Source reduction is the practice of reducing the amount of trash you produce. 
  • Buy products that are reusable, refillable or concentrated.
  • Avoid products that are double packed.
  • Use a sponge in place of paper towels.
  • Donate usable unwanted materials to charity.
  • Reuse plastic bags and containers. 
  • Buy products made from recycled materials.
For additional information on the benefits of recycling, call the PA Recycling Hotline 1-800-346-4242 or go to DEP's Recycling homepage at www.dep.state.pa.us and click on "Waste."

Household Hazardous Waste
This includes paint, car batteries, used oil, poisons, spray cans, and more. To arrange pick up of these materials, call the HHW Hotline, 1-800-742-5542, Ext. 123, or visit www.mxiinc.com/lebanon​ to arrange for an "at your door" collection. There is a $15.00 fee associated with this program and due to program funding, each household is limited to one per year. 
Electronic waste can be dropped off at the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority Electronics Facility, 1610 Russell Road.  Further information can be obtained by logging on to the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority’s website, www.goglra.org. or by calling 867-5790.
Major appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washers, dryers, etc., can be taken to CSR-Brandywine Recyclers (328 N. 14th Street), Royal Green (620 N. Lincoln Avenue - entrance off of Lehman Street on N. 2nd Avenue) and Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority.  The facilities may pay you for the scrap value of the appliance less the refrigerant removal cost or charge a disposal fee depending on the metal markets.

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