Residential Recycling

Mandatory materials for residential recycling are as follows:

  • Steel, bimetal and aluminum cans
  • Clear, brown and green glass bottles
  • Newspaper
  • Plastic # 1 and #2

Contact your contracted waste hauler to find out what recyclables they take and when.  All acceptable recycling items can be deposited at the City's drop-off center (see location & times on the main recycling webpage).
The following items are recyclable:

  • Glass - clear, brown and green only  - food/drink bottles and jars - rinse and remove lids
  • Plastic  #1 and #2 only - beverage bottles, detergent bottles, etc. - rinse and remove lids
  • Aluminum  - beverage cans only
  • Bi-metallic cans - food cans only - rinse, remove lid & place inside can
  • Newspapers* - including inserts - should be tied with twine or placed in brown paper bags.
  • Office paper - non-glossy paper including junk mail and copy paper
  • Magazines - printed on glossy or chemically treated papers
  • Cardboard - corrugated cardboard boxes and containers - flatten; no staples or acrylic straps
  • Telephone books - special bins are available at the drop off center when new issues are printed

All recyclable materials are to be clean, contained, and free of contamination.  This includes cardboard, paper and other items that have come in contact with food or other contaminants. 
FREE recycling containers can be obtained at the City of Lebanon Highway Garage located at 10th and Oak Streets.   

STOP!!!   The following items are not recyclable: 

  • Glass - plate glass, crystal, tableware, cookware, light bulbs 
  • Plastic - bags, tubs, oil bottles and food wrappers
  • Aluminum - pie plates, foil, home siding and lawn furniture 
  • Paper - metallic wrapping paper, Tyvek envelopes, tissues, tissue paper, napkins, paper towels, wax paper, paper plates
  • Metals - aerosol cans, paint cans, ovenware (pots & pans)
  • Books - hardcover or softcover
  • Styrofoam
  • Refuse - any items that are considered household trash (including all consumables)

If you are unsure whether an item is recyclable or not, please contact the Lebanon City Recycling coordinator at (717) 273-6711 ext. 2430 or contact the Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority at (717) 867-5790.



  • Landlords are responsible to provide recycling and trash removal services for their properties.
  • A suitable amount of trash containers with lids and properly marked recycling containers are required.
  • Landlords shall require by clause in each lease or other enforceable rule or regulation that tenants recycle.
  • A convenient and practical trash and recycling area should be established so that tenants can properly place materials for pick up by the waste hauler.
  • Removal of all trash and recycling is to be done by a licensed waste hauler.  (A list of waste haulers can be obtained in the Department of Public Works)
  • Removal of recycling shall occur no less then biweekly.
  • Each tenant is to be given instruction on recycling and trash removal. If needed the City can provide recycling guides in both English and Spanish.