Bureau of fire logoCity of Lebanon Bureau of Fire
400 South Eighth Street, Room 216
Lebanon, PA 17042
Phone: (717) 228-4486 Fax: 228-4452
Duane Trautman, Fire Commissioner
fire photoThe City of Lebanon Bureau of Fire has been providing dedicated fire service for a long and honored period.  Many of the Companies comprising the Bureau of Fire have been in existence for over two hundred years.  Today's Bureau of Fire is one of the most modern and progressive firefighting forces in the State.
Presently the Bureau of Fire consists of a Fire Commissioner, Deputy Fire Commissioner, two Volunteer Fire Chiefs, 19 Career Firefighters, 54 Volunteer Firefighters and a Fire Police unit.  The Bureau maintains 5 engines, 1 aerial ladder, 1 ladder tower, 1 squad, 1 heavy rescue and a service unit in four stations.
The Bureau of Fire provides emergency response to all types of situations ranging from hazardous materials incidents, vehicle accidents, various types of rescues, and all manner of fires from structures to leaves.  The Bureau also provides community services such as fire prevention training programs, fire station tours and fire drills at various schools, businesses and community functions.
The career firefighters of the Lebanon Bureau of Fire not only conduct the fire prevention inspections but also are involved in all aspects of fire prevention and suppression for the citizens of the City.  The career staff conducts many tours of the fire stations and present fire safety programs to the many school children and adults within the City.  The career firefighters are also responsible for operating and maintaining the fire apparatus and stations of the Bureau to include washing and repairing fire hose, repairing air packs, cleaning apparatus and cleaning the stations.  The career firefighters not only operate the fire fighting apparatus but also usually are the first in to a fire or at the scene of an emergency.  The 19 career firefighters are trained in all techniques of fire suppression, hazardous materials (many to the technician level who assist the County hazardous materials team) and emergency medical service.
While the career firefighters handle the day-to-day operations of the Bureau of Fire, the volunteer firefighters provide one of the most important services to the Bureau.  The volunteer fire companies provide the fire apparatus that responds to all calls.  Over the many years of operation the volunteer fire companies have provided numerous pieces of firefighting apparatus from the first hand drawn units to the most recent aerial device.  Of the present firefighting apparatus all but one are wholly owned by the volunteer companies and the other one is co-owned between the City and a volunteer company.
Not only have the volunteer fire companies provided apparatus, but also other equipment purchased through the Volunteer Firemen’s Relief Association such as the breathing air compressor, breathing air systems on apparatus, protective firefighting gear for the volunteer firefighters and much other equipment.
And, of course the main reason for the volunteers is their dedication in providing firefighting protection for the City.  The City of Lebanon has a highly dedicated force of volunteers that are well trained and experienced in fire suppression, hazardous materials, vehicle rescue, high angle rescue, emergency medical service and even fire prevention.  Without this dedicated core of volunteers the City would need to hire more career personnel or rely more heavily on County fire companies.
While the Bureau of Fire has an excellent core of volunteer and career firefighters, there is always the need for more volunteer firefighters or volunteers just to help in all aspects of the company needs including fund raising and fire prevention activities.  For any one interested in becoming a member of one of the nine volunteer fire companies, go to the nearest fire station or contact a Bureau Fire Chief, Captain or any member of a company.  Those interested in firefighting are considered probationary for one year and must complete a course in the Essentials of Firefighting and Hazardous Materials Operations during that first year.  Firefighting protective gear and equipment is usually provided to new members.  
The City of Lebanon is proud of its fire protection history and the many individuals that have helped to keep the community safe from fires and other emergencies.  This is the goal of the Lebanon Bureau of Fire as stated in the Mission Statement “The primary mission of the Lebanon Bureau of Fire is to provide a range of programs designed to protect the lives and property of all who live, visit, work, or invest in the City of Lebanon from the adverse effects of fires, sudden emergencies or exposure to dangerous conditions created by either man or nature”.