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Public Safety
City of Lebanon
City of Lebanon Department of Public Safety
400 South Eighth Street, Room 214 
Lebanon, PA 17042
(717) 273-6711, Ext. 4495    Fax: 228-4452
Duane Trautman, Director of Public Safety and Fire Commissioner
Code Enforcement
What is enforced by the City of Lebanon Department of Public Safety:
International Property Maintenance Codes, City codified ordinances, health & safety issues, fight blight and graffiti abatement programs, International Fire Codes.

Sanitation and Housing Inspectors:

      Gerald Fisch, Assistant Sanitation/Housing Inspector (south district); Ext. 2439
      Robert Monk, Assistant Sanitation/Housing Inspector; Ext. 2439
John Brenner, Assistant Sanitation/Housing Inspector; Ext. 2438
 Brion Crum, Assistant Sanitation/Housing Inspector; Ext. 2437
Jody Nester, Assistant Sanitation/Housing Inspector; Ext. 2438
There have been numerous reports of impersonations of housing inspectors. You have the right to request photo identification of any of the City Public Safety personnel.
Types of violation notifications:
  •  Instant violation notification (door hanger)
  •  Ticket (Instant citation)
  •  Formal Notice of Violation
  •  Non-traffic citation
  •  Repeat offender fines and costs
The type of notification issued and the compliance date specified depend on the nature of the violation and/or previous violations.
Buyer Notification Certificates
A Buyer Notification Certificate is required when there is an agreement of sale between two parties, unless the property is being sold from parent to child or from spouse to spouse, or is in a will, or if the property is scheduled for demolition with an active demolition permit.  It is required in order to prevent undue hardships and losses imposed on purchasers by owners who have failed to reveal the illegal use or condition of the property being conveyed or who have made misrepresentations. It also allows the City of Lebanon to collect any monies that are owed when a property is sold.
*** A residential rental property must be registered and licensed - please reference the Residential Rental Unit Licensing Page of this website. ***
To obtain a Buyer Notification Certificate:
1. Download the form: -  Buyer Notification Certificate Application.
2. Return the completed form to the Public Safety Department.
3. Payment is required prior to receiving the Certificate.
Eating and Drinking Establishments 
Eating and Drinking Licenses
The City of Lebanon codified ordinance requires that anyone operating an eating and drinking establishment within the City of Lebanon, being permanent or temporary, must obtain a license. 
Fees: The fee for processing new applications is $25.00 and a plan review and inspection for new establishments is $100.00.

Per City Ordinance Article 1103, the City has adopted the PA Food Act, the Public Eating & Drinking Places Law, and the Chapter 46 Food Code.  Yearly Eating and Drinking License Fees are as follows:.  

                            Public Eating and/or Drinking Place License

                              or Retail Food Establishment                    - $100.00

    Farmer’s Market Stand                               -     45.00

    Retail Food Store Registration                     -     75.00*

    Mobile vendor                                             -   100.00

                Temporary 1-day vendor                              -     30.00


                            *Ex: Grocery store that serves hot ready-to-eat foods will

                             require a license and registration.

Permanent For Profit:
To obtain a new for-profit license or permit:

1. Complete the Eating & Drinking License Application. Download: Retail Food Facility License Application
2. Return the completed application to the Department of Public Safety, Room 214, 400 S. 8th St., Lebanon,   PA 17042. Include payment of $25.00 to process the application and $100.00 for the plan review and preliminary inspection. Make check payable to City of Lebanon.
3. Contact the Public Safety Dept. (273-6711, Ext. 4495) to schedule an inspection.
4. Upon passing the inspection, payment is due of $100.00; check payable to City of Lebanon.
5. Upon payment, a license will be mailed.
Temporary For-Profit: (Craft Shows, Street Fair, etc.)
To obtain a  temporary for-profit license or permit: 
1. Within 30 days prior to the event download this form: 
    Temporary For-Profit Food Facility License Application
2. Return the form and payment to the Public Safety Department. (Fax: 228-4452).
3. Upon approval, a license will be mailed.

To obtain a non-profit license or permit:
1. Within 30 days prior to the event download this form: 
    Non-Profit Eating & Drinking License Application
2. Return the form along with a copy of your PA tax exemption form (form #1220) to the
    Public Safety Department. (Fax: 228-4452).
3. Upon approval, a license will be mailed.

Inspections:  All public eating and drinking establishments will be inspected annually unless a complaint is filed with the City Health Inspector.  All complaints are thoroughly investigated. The City Health Inspector reports all findings to the Board of Health and the Mayor. Any establishments not meeting the requirements of the City of Lebanon codified ordinances or Act 46 PA Health Code will have their license denied or suspended.
Yearly E&D License Renewal Procedure: Invoices are mailed in April.  After the payment is received, the license is mailed.  An inspection will be scheduled.

Licenses are valid from July 1st to June 30th of the following year.


Dept. of Agriculture Compliance
One supervisory employee in a licensed food establishment must be certified in food safety and sanitation in order to be in compliance with the state's Department of Agriculture Food Employee Certification Act.

 Who needs to comply with the Food Employee Certification Act?

  • Food Service Establishments - Restaurants (take-out or eat-in), fast foods to gourmet; Deli's - make sandwiches, slice meats and cheeses, hot foods; Snack bars - prepare hot and cold foods; Fairs/carnivals - Juice extract stand (lemonade and other fruits), Hot dogs and hamburgers, Hand dipped ice cream, Pizza prepared on site, Shaved ice, Snow cones, Fry, grill, cook, roast, steam any foods, Prepare sandwiches, subs, salads, Prepare fresh fruit cup, Prepare pierogies, Belgium waffles with frozen dessert topping; Stadiums, race tracks, parks; Food vendors - hot dogs and other hot and cold foods; Donut shops that prepare sandwiches, etc, Bars, clubs; Recreational facilities; Commissaries, caterers
  • Frozen Dessert Manufacturers - Any manufacturer of frozen dessert, offering the product for retail sale to the public, shall comply with the Act.
  • Bakeries - Bakery products which require refrigeration:  cheesecakes, cream filled pies, cannoli, custard pies, meringue pies, etc.  Also, products made with fresh whole eggs, milk or milk products when the baking time and/or temperature is not adequate to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms or toxins.
  • Retail Food Stores - Includes all, with the exception of the following: (1) Store that sells only commercially prepackaged foods and, (2) store that does not sell any potentially hazardous food.  Examples: produce stand that does not cut or slice; corner store that sells milk, bread and canned goods; candy store; a store that sells prepackaged meat, canned goods, paper goods and milk;  store that purchases sandwiches from a commissary and sells them from a refrigerated case along with bottled drinks and other commercially prepackaged foods; and a store selling sodas, bottled water, commercially prepackaged foods and milk. 
  • Food Processors - May include any of the following: salad manufacturer, shellfish or seafood processing, ice manufacturer, fresh juice processor, cut fruits, tofu manufacturer, garlic-in-oil, sushi operations, cider press and butcher stand in a farmers market that processes meat and/or poultry, makes sausages, slices meats and cheeses.  Manufacturers of prepackaged, non-potentially hazardous foods are exempt from the Act.

 Food Safety Training:

 Location: Lebanon Valley Ag Center, 2120 Cornwall Rd., Lebanon, PA

 Instructor: Nancy Wiker

 Registration Contact: Karen Karnes,, 717-948-6536

 For more Information: Nancy Wiker, Penn State Cooperative Extension, 1383 Arcadia Rd. Rm 1, Lancaster, PA 17601, 717-394-6851, 

  Materials: ServSafe Essentials book and exam, ServSafe Essentials Study Guide

 Additional Information: This class requires an additinal 8 hours of home study for original certification. If recertifying please bring your current PDA certification and a photo ID to the first class. Lunch on your own.