Divisions of the Lebanon City Police Department

·        Patrol Division – The Patrol division is composed of three Platoons that operate on 8 hour rotating
shifts. At full staffing the platoons have one Sergeant and eight patrol officers assigned. One of the patrol
officers on each platoon is assigned as a Patrolman First Class. There is one patrol Lieutenant who oversees
all administrative tasks for the three platoons. Within the patrol division are two full time K/9 officers who
work every shift with the German Shepherd partner. There are also several officers trained in bicycle patrol.
These officers are primarily used for special events, community relations and specialized enforcement details.
·        Detective Division – The Detective Division or Criminal Investigative Division serves the investigative
function of the department. There are four detectives assigned to the division and one Sergeant assigned
as their immediate supervisor. There are an additional two detectives assigned full time to the Lebanon County Drug Task Force.
     - Their main responsibilities include conducting follow up investigations on cases initiated by the patrol
     division, assisting on primary cases when requested, clearance of crimes through arrest and recovery of
     stolen property, acting as a liaison with other federal, state and local law enforcement agencies and
     sharing information with such agencies, and supporting the Lebanon County District Attorney's Office
     during prosecution of major cases.  All detectives must first serve in the patrol division before
·        Administrative/Community Relations Division – The administrative division directs the overall activities of the department to accomplish the mission and goals of the department, ensuring that resources are used in the most efficient and effective manner. The Administration Division is responsible for coordinating the department’s efforts with other City Departments, with other criminal justice agencies, and with the community. The Administration Division also works with regional, state and national organizations to enhance the ability of the Police Department to ensure the safety of all persons in the community. The administration is also responsible for internal investigations, creating and maintaining a department budget, updating policies and procedures based on current legal trends and requesting and managing grants. The administrative division is managed by the Chief of Police and the Captain of Police. The Captain of Police is responsible for organizing police officers presence at community events.
·        Support Services Division – The support services division is staffed by one Lieutenant and one Sergeant.   The primarily responsibilities of the division include maintenance of the department fleet, supervision of the fifteen crossing guards, department quartermaster, K/9 supervisor and maintenance of the department computer, radio and recording systems including in-car camera and mobile data terminal systems. The secondary responsibility of the division is as fill-in supervisors for the patrol platoons.
·        Records Section – The records section of the department is maintained by one full time civilian employee.  The section maintains all police related records as per state laws and regulations. The section will provide copies of completed Pa State Accident reports for a $15 fee. Incident verification letters will also be provided for a $10 fee. Photo ID is required to receive these services. The hours for the section are Monday thru Friday 8:30 am – 4:00 pm.