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Rental Property Information

Rental Property Information

Residential Rental Licensing and Inspection Program

In accordance with the City of Lebanon ordinance for Residential Rental Housing Licensing & Inspection, all owners of residential rental units must register each unit with the Department of Public Safety beginning January 1, 2007.  For more information regarding the Residential Rental Licensing Program, please refer to Section 1907 of the Code of Ordinances.

All forms with payment must be returned no later than 30 days after the billing date.  Beginning for license year 2017, annual invoices will be mailed during the period March through September. 

How Much Is A Rental License?

The registration fee is $40.00 per dwelling unit and $20.00 per rooming house unit.  Forms may be obtained by downloading the Application for 2024, or from the Fire & Code Enforcement Department office at City Hall, 735 Cumberland Street, 1st Floor, Lebanon, PA  17042.   Phone:  717-639-2800 Option 2.

This is only applicable to residential rental units.

Send payment and registration form to:

City of Lebanon, Department of Public Safety

735 Cumberland Street

Lebanon, PA  17042                                                                                                   

*  Make check payable to "City of Lebanon"

Why License Rental Properties?

The intent of the rental license ordinance is to:

  • Promote the health, safety, and welfare of the general public.
  • Assure preservation of the existing housing supply.
  • Help maintain property values.
  • Work toward eliminating substandard and deteriorating rental housing.
  • Maintain a living environment that contributes to healthful individual and family living.

What are the inspectors looking for?

Life safety issues such as heating, plumbing, electricity, & smoke detectors, along with sanitation issues that would impact on the health of the neighborhood.

What is the difference between a dwelling unit and a rooming house unit?

A dwelling unit has separate rooms including a kitchen and bathroom. A rooming house unit either shares bathroom facilities, kitchen or both with other renters.

If the unit is vacant, must I still register?

Yes, if it is available for rent.

If the apartment house is vacant and for sale, must I still register?

Yes, unless proof of vacancy is provided.

I own the dwelling and live in one apartment and rent the other. Must I register both?

No, just register the unit that you rent.

My son (or other family/friend) owns the house where I live and I do not pay rent. Must he/she register it?


Must I re-register every time occupants change?

Notify the City in writing of any changes in the number or names of occupants age 18 or older within 30 days after a change. 

Where must the license be displayed?

The owner may display the license or not, but it must be readily produced when requested by a City inspector or a potential tenant.

What is the penalty for not registering?

A fine of $1,000.00 and the building is marked as condemned until a registration is received.

If my rental unit is Section 8, must I still register with the City?


Do I need a lease for each unit?

Yes, but the City does not need a copy of the lease.

Under what conditions do I need a property manager (other than myself)?

If you do not reside within 20 miles of the City of Lebanon, you must have a property manger.

How often must I register, and by when?