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Snow Information

Snow Information

Snow & Ice Removal 

During winter operations, please keep in mind that City crews plow streets in the following order of priority: 

  1. Snow Emergency Routes
  2. Secondary roadways
  3. City-owned narrow streets and alleys
  4. City-owned municipal lots

Please do not shovel your sidewalk until the City has finished plowing your street.  Several passes may be made over the course of the storm.  It is your responsibility to pile snow between the curb and sidewalk or in another appropriate area off of the street. 

IT IS ILLEGAL TO SHOVEL your snow into the street or to plow snow into the street from your driveway, parking lot(s), or other private property. 

Removing snow from fire hydrants and storm drains around your property is very helpful.

No person is permitted to obstruct or "save" any parking space within the City of Lebanon with items including, but not limited to, trash cans, furniture, barrels, barricades, etc. 

Please be considerate of your neighbors. Have a neighbor who’s not home, elderly or handicapped? Please take some time and help them out with this task.

Click here to read FAQs regarding Snow Removal

If you have further questions regarding our winter operations, please contact the Department of Public Works at 717-639-2800 between the hours of 8:30AM - 4:30PM.

Snow Emergency Operations

Click here for Snow Emergency Routes.

When there is a firm forecast of a substantial accumulation of snow (usually greater than 6 inches) or certain other conditions are expected that will pose a hazard to vehicle and pedestrian traffic, a snow emergency may be declared by the City of Lebanon. 

Vehicles parked along any SNOW EMERGENCY routes must be moved when a SNOW EMERGENCY is declared.  Vehicles which are not moved will be ticketed and then towed by the City of Lebanon Police Department.  

The following are suggestions to avoid unnecessary inconvenience during a SNOW EMERGENCY: 

  • Keep your radio and/or television tuned to local stations for the latest information.
  • Sign up to receive alerts regarding snow emergencies in the City of Lebanon. Register for an account on www.nixle.com. There is no fee to use this service.
  • If you plan to be away from your home or business during an anticipated storm, please make arrangements to have your vehicle removed if a SNOW EMERGENCY is declared.
  • Do not return your vehicle to the SNOW EMERGENCY route until the SNOW EMERGENCY is lifted.
  •  The municipal metered parking lots will be free during the SNOW EMERGENCY for residents who live along SNOW EMERGENCY routes. Vehicles must be removed from the municipal metered lots with the established time frame to avoid a ticket. 
  • The City carefully plans its approach to each storm and will every attempt to minimize the impacts of SNOW EMERGENCIES on both residents and the business community.