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Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement

City Code of Lebanon

What is enforced by the City of Lebanon Department of Public Safety:

City Codified Ordinances, which include the International Property Maintenance Code, International Fire Code, and other codes which address health & safety issues, blight and graffiti abatement.
Sanitation and Housing Inspectors: 

  • William Christner, Assistant Sanitation/Housing Inspector:  717-639-2800
  • Gerald Fisch, Assistant Sanitation/Housing Inspector: 717-639-2800
  • April Henning, Assistant Sanitation/Housing Inspector:  717-639-2800
  • John Johnson, Assistant Sanitation/Housing Inspector:  717-639-2800
  • Daniel Milusnic, Assistant Sanitation/Housing Inspector:  717-639-2800
  • Glenn Yanos, Code Enforcement Officer: 717-639-2800                                                                                                                                                                                           
  • There have been numerous reports nationwide of impersonations of housing inspectors. You have the right to request photo identification of any of the City Public Safety personnel.

Types of violation notifications:

  • Instant violation notification (door hanger)
  • Ticket (Instant citation)
  • Formal Notice of Violation
  • Non-traffic citation
  • Repeat offender fines and costs

The type of notification issued and the compliance date specified depend on the nature of the violation and/or previous violations.