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Public Works

Public Works

The department is managed by the Public Works Director and the Highway Garage Supervisor and is staffed with a Full-Time Clerk, a Part-Time Clerk, Part-Time Recycling Coordinator, Zoning Officer/Permit Processor, a Mechanic and 8 Skilled Laborers.

The Department of Public Works provides a wide variety of services including:

  • Street Maintenance (which includes paving, snow and ice removal, storm sewer maintenance and street sweeping)
  • Leaf and Yard Waste Collection
  • Park and Playground Maintenance (including buildings, grounds, and equipment)
  • Signage Maintenance
  • Traffic Signal Maintenance
  • Parking Meter Collection and Maintenance

Additionally, the department is responsible for: fleet maintenance, permits for shade trees, recycling compliance, MS4 compliance, enforcement and administration of land use regulations such as subdivision and land development, zoning and building codes.  The department provides assistance to and acts as the City liaison for the Zoning Hearing Board and Planning Commission.  These boards are made up of City residents or business owners appointed by the Mayor.

All sanitary sewer and water mains are owned and maintained by the City of Lebanon Authority.  Any work involving the sewer or water mains requires a permit from the Authority. If you are experiencing any issues with your water or sewer service, including billing or if you have questions concerning a notice of termination; please contact the City of Lebanon Authority.

For information regarding sewer overflows and Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) issues, please read “What 2 Flush.”