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Complaints Against Police Officers

Complaints Against Police Officers

Your Complaint is Important

The Lebanon City Police Department is committed to providing the highest level of police services to the members of the community.  Policing is a very difficult and complex job in today’s society and we understand that services provided by our police officers may fall short of a person’s expectations.

The members of the Lebanon City Police Department are aware of the important responsibilities and duties they have as public servants. We must maintain trust and integrity in the community. The Lebanon City Police Department operates under the constitutional guarantees afforded to everyone and under the laws that govern us.  The courteous receipt of complaints, thorough and impartial investigations, and fair dispositions to the complaints are important in maintaining the confidence of our citizens.

Understanding the Process

A complaint against a police officer may be filed in the following ways:

• Call the Lebanon City Police at 717-639-2800 and ask to speak with a supervisor.  If the complaint is against a supervisor, call and ask for the Captain or the Chief.   

• You may respond to the police department in person and ask to speak with a supervisor.     

• You will be provided with a written complaint form in which you may document your complaint.     

• You can receive a complaint form without providing any specifics about the complaint, and one can be mailed to you if you wish. The supervisor may ask your name but you are not required to provide your name to receive the form. You will be required to include your personal information in a returned complaint form.     

• Return the form to the Lebanon City Police Department and ask for a supervisor. You may also mail a completed form to the police department.

Information in a completed complaint form should include:

• Date, time and location of the incident     

• Names, badge numbers or vehicle numbers of the officers involved     

• Names addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses     

• Be as specific as possible

After a Complaint is Filed

The completed written complaint form will be forwarded to the Captain of the Lebanon City Police Department for review.  The Captain will decide whether he will investigate the complaint (more serious complaints) or if he will assign it to the officer’s immediate supervisor (less serious complaints).

The investigating officer will contact you to set up an interview concerning the complaint.  An investigation will be conducted, including interviewing witnesses, and one of the following conclusions will be made:

• Sustained – The incident is determined to have occurred and an assessment is made to determine the level of discipline, retraining, or counseling to be recommended for the officer(s). 

• Insufficient Facts – There are not enough facts to prove whether the incident occurred or not.     

• Exonerated – The incident occurred, but the officer did not violate any laws or any Lebanon City Police Policies or Procedures.     

• Unfounded – The investigation determined that the incident did not occur.

The Chief of Police is the final departmental authority for discipline.

You will be notified of the findings and disposition of your complaint.  Please be sure to make the investigating supervisor aware of any change of address or phone numbers.  If you are dissatisfied with the findings, you may make an appointment with Chief Bret Fisher to discuss the case.