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Snow Emergency

Snow Emergency

Snow Emergency Routes
During a snow emergency, no vehicle is permitted to be parked on the following snow emergency routes:

  • Lehman Street, from Lincoln Avenue to North Fourteenth Street
  • Cumberland Street, from Fifth Avenue to Sixteenth Street
  • Walnut Street, from Fifth Avenue to Twelfth Street
  • Orange Street, from Eighth Street to Cornwall Road
  • Maple Street, from Ninth Street to Tenth Street
  • Fifth Avenue, from Walnut Street to Cumberland Street
  • Lincoln Avenue, from Walnut Street to Maple Street
  • Eighth Street, from Maple Street to Orange Street
  • Ninth Street, from Maple Street to Cornwall Road
  • Tenth Street, from Maple Street to Quentin Road
  • Quentin Road, from Cornwall Road to Duke Street
  • Cornwall Road, from Quentin Road to Orange Street
  • Twelfth Street, from Cumberland Street to Walnut Street
  • Third Street, from Cumberland Street to Walnut Street
  • Mifflin Street, between Ninth and Tenth Streets (parking prohibited on the north side of Mifflin Street)

    Snow Removal - Residents are reminded that sidewalks must be cleared within twenty-four hours after the cessation of a snowfall or a rain or ice storm.  A path of three feet in width, running the entire length of the sidewalk and that portion of the curb cut that is considered part of the sidewalk must be cleared.  Snow cleared from the sidewalk and/or parking area shall not be deposited into the plowed traveled portion of the street.   Persons violating the snow removal regulations are subject to a fine of not less than $50.00 nor more than $300.00 for each offense.

Other Information

  • Persons parking on designated snow emergency routes will be subject to fine of $100.00.
  • No vehicle shall be operated on any snow emergency route without skid chains, winter type mud or snow tires or operative mechanical or electrical sanders or abrasive sanding materials. Winter type mud and snow tires are defined as any new, recapped, retreaded or rebuilt tires for rear wheels of motor vehicles, such tires having anti-skid patterns impressed or cut into the tread surfaces to form bars, buttons or blocks especially designed to give effective traction on snow, mud or ice covered streets.
  • Although it is not a designated snow emergency route, persons parking on Maple Street from Lincoln Avenue to Ninth Street are advised to remove their cars, as the plows frequently pass through this area.
  • Residents may park free of charge on metered City parking lots for the duration of a snow emergency.  Please note this free parking only applies to City lots with parking meters.